FltCrew - iLog

(Version 1.03)

A handy Flight Crew Member Logbook created for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch


Fly Safe,

Captain R. H. Morrill


FlightCrew Resources

FlightCrew Resources is proud to announce our new Flight Crew Member Logbook application designed especially for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

FltCrew-iLog was created for Commercial and Airline flight crew members who use, have used, or are considering using, one of those “handy’ shirt pocket logbooks when they fly.

FltCrew-iLog is not designed to replace a comprehensive Flight Record, but as an addition to it. It was created as a “handy” method to enter your Flight Data on the spot and to allow quick access (lookup) of that data. Additionally, starting in version 1.03, your flight data can then be Exported as comma separated values (CSV) from FltCrew-iLog and then be incorporated (Imported) into a master Flight Record on your desktop computer.

Please note, the New User Info page link at the top of this page, which contains important info for all new FltCrew-iLog users! Just click the link to read it.

We  plan on incorporating many new features and enhancements based on user input! Once you’ve tried our software, we’ll look forward to your feedback to:


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